Tucked Honda/Acura Engine Harness w Charge Harness

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Custom made tucked engine and charge harness designed for 02-04 RSX Type S to complete your K series swap on your MR2 Spyder.  Since the OEM was discontinued we had our own designed for the MR2 Spyder swap.  Needed for any K swap in the MR2 regardless of K20 or K24.  Many customer have commented on the difficulty of locating a quality harness that have not been manipulated, therefore we are now providing NEW harnesses that are sure to work without the electrical nightmares of tracing shorts and broken connections.  This is compatible with an RSX ECU (with or without Hondata), AEM plug-in EMS and the soon to be release Link EMS for the RSX. You still need to custom wire it into your car (or use a plug-in adapter if available.