Supertech Beehive Valve Spring Kit K20/K24

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Supertech Spring / Retainer kits are precision matched sets for a complete valvetrain overhaul.  Developed for the performance enthusiast that wants the best the industry has to offer, Supertech Spring / Retainer kits are second to none in terms of performance, quality and value.
  • Type: Beehive Spring
  • Press.Seat: 90 @37.80mm or 75 @39.00mm
  • Max Lift: 15.00mm or 16.00mm
  • Coil Bind: 22.80mm
  • Rate: 12.70 lbs/mm
  • Retainer: RET-H55BE-T1
  • Spring : SPR-H1007BE
  • Seat Locator : SEAT-HKBE2


Acura - Base 4cyl 2.0l K20A3
Acura - Base 4cyl 2.4l K24A2
Acura - Base 4cyl 2.4l K24Z3
Acura - Special Edition 4cyl 2.4l K24Z3
Acura - Type-s 4cyl 2.0l K20A2
Acura - Type-s 4cyl 2.0l K20Z1
Honda - Base 4cyl 2.0l F20C1
Honda - Base 4cyl 2.2l F22C1
Honda - CR 4cyl 2.2l F22C1
Honda - EX 4cyl 2.0l K20C2
Honda - LX 4cyl 2.0l K20C2
Honda - Mugen SI 4cyl 2.0l K20Z3
Honda - SI 4cyl 2.0l K20A3
Honda - SI 4cyl 2.0l K20Z3
Honda - SI 4cyl 2.4l K24Z7