Skunk2 Pro Series Intake Manifold

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Skunk2 Racing’s Pro-Series Intake Manifold improves airflow thus increasing horsepower by as much as 8% over stock manifolds on stock engines and even more on modified or forced-induction engines. Skunk2 manifolds significantly increase horsepower between 3000-8800 rpm; the broadest powerband increase in the industry. Skunk2's new Pro-Series design features a 22% increase in power over our previous design. 

Engineered with a larger plenum and tapered runners, Skunk2 manifolds increase and accelerate airflow, and are designed to increase the effects of wave scavenging at the engine’s optimum operating RPM range providing a broad overall increase in usable power. Each runner entry is also modified to balance airflow between cylinders. Oversized throttle bodies can be used as a result of the modified IAC opening on the flange. Like OEM factory manifolds, Skunk2 manifolds are shell molded and CNC machined, to achieve superior strength, high-quality finish, and a precise fit. Each manifold is vacuum tested to ensure quality and leakfree operation. 

The Skunk2 Pro-Series manifold utilizes all stock sensors and auxiliaries for a simple bolt-on installation that delivers maximum power.

* Ideal for NA and Forced Induction
* Increased Plenum and Runner Size
* Oversized Throttle Body Opening
* Made From High-Grade 356 Aluminum
* OEM Quality Shell Molded Casting
* Nitrous Mounting Bungs
* Skunk2 Acid-Etched Nameplate
* Broadest Usable Powerband
* Vacuum Tested To Ensure Quality
* Utilizes Stock Sensors