BRZ GT86 FRS Upper Coolant Neck

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Designed for the FRS BRZ and GT 86 K Swaps, made out of  billet 6061 aluminum, this piece changes the OEM configuration of the out flowing coolant on the side of the head towards the firewall in a RWD application to the right side leaving adequate room to install the coolant hoses.  The MAP version includes larger openings for increased flow.  Available in 1.25" barb fitting or -16 AN fittings.  The OEM temperature sensor is relocated to the top of the housing and all bolts and plugs are included with the kit. This kit is applicable for  the fits RBB (2004-2008 TSX) and RBC (2006-2011 Civic Si) cylinder heads only.  Does not include gasket, available from your local Honda/Acura dealer, P/N 18714-RAA-A01.  RTV will be required on the temperature sensor to ensure proper seal.