Billet Low Profile Dipstick K20/K24

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* There may be fitments with issues with some baffled oil pans, due to the size of the one in the baffling of the oil pan, fitment is improved with enlarging the hold in the baffling. 

A improvement over the OEM orange dipstick, this Billet Low Profile dipstick gives the K20 and K24 engine a clean look in the engine bay. 

The Billet Oil Dipstick was designed to follow the exact contour of the OEM valve cover, giving it a smooth, shaved look. Along the bottom of front edge is a small flare, which is just enough for removal.

Starting with the 6061 billet aluminum top, our signature MAP logo is engraved after anodizing. All the remaining parts are 100% stainless steel, including the base, wire and level indicator. The base seals properly with 2 o-rings just like OEM and the level indicator has 2 markings on it, again matching OEM. Available for both K20 and K24 engines.