MoltenCore Multiplex Interface Module v2 (MIM)

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This module was designed by MoltenCore Industries for the Toyota MR2 Spyder to operate the Toyota AC system without the use of the Toyota OEM ECU for K20 and K24 swaps. Previously, the Toyota OEM ECU was the only computer available to operate the A/C system. This meant that with any engine swap that had working A/C you also had to have a Toyota ECU either running primary or secondary. With this new module, that is no longer required. This module will allow you to have a Toyota A/C compressor working in your MR2 Spyder with ANY engine you put in it, including other manufacturer's. This module allows for a completely stand alone A/C system. We have also have designed this to operation the MR2 Spyder's OEM speedocluster to have full funcationality with ANY engine swap.  Yes, this means your water temperature, oil pressure and battery lights will function just like they did from factory.  We suggest using this with our adapter found here, Mitch's Auto Parts wire adapter. The module is installed next to the stock ECU location and instructions with pictures are included in our download section.