Hawk Blue (Front)

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Hawk Performance has dominated Motorsports race tracks for more than 15 years, offering highly-engineered friction products for nearly every type of racing! 

*Blue-42 ('EE' Compound Code)*
Intermediate initial bite, increased mid Mu characteristics, and low to mid-temperature range.

*Blue-9012 ('E' Compound Code)*
* Medium/High Torque and Temperature Compound
* Excellent Brake Modulation
* #1 Selling Brake Pad Material for SCCA.

*Black ('M' Compound Code)*
Medium torque and temperature compound designed to be a good, all-purpose low- cost racing brake pad.
* Medium torque and temperature pad
* Good cold effectiveness
* A good all-purpose low-cost racing brake pad
* Good for Dirt Modified and IMCA style pavement Modified
* *Optimal Range:* 200° - 700°
* *Min/Max Temp:* 100° - 900°
* *Torque:* Medium

*DR97 ('J' Compound Code)*
Excellent static and dynamic coecient of friction. Smooth linear torque. Low pad and rotor wear. For use in drag racing.

*MT 4 ('L' Compound Code)*
Medium/High torque and temperature compound with medium/high initial bite. For circle track cars under 2800 lbs without high deceleration rates.
* High initial bite
* Designed for pavement circle track under 2800 lbs
* Designed for applications not needing high deceleration rates
* *Optimal Range:* 500° - 1000°
* *Min/Max Temp:* 400° - 1200°
* *Torque:* High

*Metallic (‘MB’ Compound Code)*
High torque with linear in-braking characteristics across temperature ranges, allowing the driver to brake harder, longer without sacrificing the life of the pad.

*HT-10 (‘S’ Compound Code)*
Intermediate to high torque with a smooth initial bite. Very consistent pedal feel. Excellent modulation and release characteristics.

Hawk Performance burnishes its HP Plus brake pads as a final step in the factory, but all brake pads have to be bedded-in with the rotors (new or used) that they will be used against. Properly bedding-in new brake pads results in a transfer film being generated at the pad and rotor interface to maximize brake performance.