ACT Replacement SS Disc

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ACT Street Discs are available for most popular applications and feature a premium organic material that has increased friction and higher copper content for better heat transfer.  Steel-backed linings provide greater burst strength and durability.  These discs are also modified with reduced marcel for faster shift action to compliment your ACT pressure plate.

*Performance Disc (SS)*
Recommended for Street and Race, Quicker engagement, Quiet operation, Best organic friction material, improved hub and burst strength.

*Solid Hub Street Disc (SD)*
Lightest and fastest shifting possible with an ACT organic disc. Smooth and precise engagement, less stress on synchronizers, steel backed linings, ultra high burst strength and race proven performance with street manageability.

*Modified Disc (MM)*
Recommended for Street or occasional Race, Quicker engagement, Quiet operation, Improved friction material and/or hub strength.

*Stock Disc (OO)*
Recommended for Street, Smooth engagement, Very quiet operation, Good burst and hub strength.