We offer many different options for installation services for the K Swap for both the MR2 Spyder and BRZ, FRS, GT86. Installation can be done in-house at our Chicago location or at your home.  K20 or K24 engine swap labor starts at $2,700.00 as long as there are no internal modifications.  We can ship your car to us and back to you, or any combination of shipping and you flying in to pick it up to save costs.  If you want to learn about the swap and have a suitable working space, we can come to you, many clients like this as if anything needs service you have the know-how to fix it yourself or if something needs diagnosing you know about the swap. This is extremely beneficial because after the swap most existing shops will not be willing to take your car in for any kind of services.  If you want us to come to you, the buyer is responsible for all flight costs, lodging, other transportation, and the required tools listed below. Due to the increased cost of shipping a car, many times it is more financially feasible for us to fly to you. For further information please contact us via the "Contact" tab


Required tools for at-home installation:

These are the minimum required tools to complete the engine swap at your home.  I have quickly linked harbor freight as a quick cheap alternative to the required tools if you do not own them.  By all means, you are not required to buy THIS brand, any brand will do.

Minimum Required


Things that make the job quicker and easier

Impact Gun (air or electric)

Compressor and hose

Air rachets

Power tools

Serpentine Belt Tool Kit (

We will bring all specialty tools needed outside of the ones listed above.