Wiring Adapter Harness and A/C Package Deal

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As always we understand this swap can get particularly expensive. We have created a package deal that will help save you $$$. When you purchase all 3 components (A/C Module, A/C Compressor Mount and the Plug 'n' Play Harness) we can give you greater saving's. This package comes with installation instructions for both the A/C module and the Plug 'n' Play harness. The A/C module works with any engine swap in your MR2 Spyder and installs directed behind the speedometer. The Plug 'n' Play harness requires modification of two wire's. The A/C mount has been designed to allow access to the OEM Toyota compressor with the engine installed. There is no need to remove the engine to perform maintenance or installation/removal.


NOTE:Your MR2 must have a manual transmission harness installed, SMT will require alternate wiring that is not supported at this time

UPGRADE OPTION: This is for customer's who have previously purchased a V1 Plug and Play Harness. You will still be require to send a "Core AC plug"