K Swapped FRS BRZ GT86 RWD Oil Pan

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This aluminum oil pan is design for K Swapped Scion FRS, Subaru BRZ, or Toyota GT86.  This pain will fit other RWD K Swap vehicles.  The flange will fit both K20 and K24 engines.  It was modeled around the FRS/BRZ subframe and has an oil drain plug located on the side of the pan where it is easily accessible. Additionally, it has 2x 1/2" NPT ports for oil lines.  CNC finished flange to ensure a perfectly flat seal. Note: you will need a K20 Oil pump to run this pan, you will also need to remove the plastic drip tray or cut a new access hole to drain the oil. Welded on both side to ensure no leaks.  Dipstick clearance hole is 33% bigger for greater ease of setting.  Tested for leaks before shipped and heat cured so welds will not crack. Also includes baffling.