ECU Case - Mounts Aftermarket ECU to OEM Location

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Mitch's Auto Parts has CAD designed and 3D Printed from PLA Plastic an ECU Case. Offered in multiple options, this case censure's that your ECU will be able to mount in the OEM location. With multiple cars and options this product will continue to evolve, if you do not see your ECU and/or car model, email us and we can easily design one for you. The LinkECU Case will not require the use of the OEM RSX ECU Case, you can install the Link ECU Plug and Play for K series directly into the Mitch's Auto ECU Case. Please note, color's may vary based on what is loaded in the 3d Printer at the time.  All cases are printed to order and on average take between 10-42 hours to print a single one.

Cases- will require re-use the sheet metal brackets from the 1zz ECU as shown.  You will need to trim a little bit off the Hondata ECU.  Do not over tighten the mounting screws!!! it is threaded in plastic