Megan Rear Lower Control Arms MR2 Spyder

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The MRS is Toyota's most recent version of their popular Mid-Ship platform that has been the favorite of many track-minded drivers for almost two decades. Although difficult to master, the MR-Platform is considered perhaps the strongest platform as the car has the ability to be a perfect 50:50 balance of weight between the wheels.

The MR-Platform is difficult to master due to the sensitivity of weight-transfer which can cause the car to seem unstable; because of this fact the alignment is absolutely CRUCIAL in this vehicle and can greatly effect the stability and handling. The rear suspension is perhaps the most important, as the traction of the rear is what is tossed around the most.

These trailing arms help to benefit the vehicle in two ways. The first and most obvious way is by eliminating the soft-rubber bushings that allow unpredictable play and movement in your suspension. This allows the driver to get a more direct feel for the car and a more predictable reaction which gives the driver more confidence.

The second way is by offering the adjustment of Toe in the rear which allows a more fine-tuned alignment that can be corner balanced more efficiently. This give you the ability to tune your Toe to match the Camber adjustment which can greatly effect the contact patch that is put down by your vehicle during cornering and acceleration. Most people fail to realize that Camber does not kill tires, improper or unmatched toe is what effects the premature tire wear in vehicles; the act of the car fighting itself left-right is what wears down tires. 

These Toe-Control arms allow for fine-tuned adjustments to the rear toe in/out setting of the vehicle. Toe is crucial for the straight line stability and behavior of a car and is said to have more of an effect than the front toe.