Mitch's Auto Parts Wire Adapter Harness for Mr2 Spyder Honda K20 K24 V6

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This is a near plug and play wire harness for both K20, K24 and K series variants in your 2000-2005 Toyota MR2 Spyder for your K Swap. We now offer K swap harnesses for use with Honda/Hondata, LINKecu or AEM, and  it does not require the use of the Factory MR2 ECU. This adapter does require the Acura RSX Type S engine and charge harness from the 2002-2004 model with the Hondata ECU PCB set. This harness connects the Honda engine harness to the Toyota chassis/body harnesses.

As of 02-02-2021, our new Version 4 Hondata Harness has new update's including wire changes to increase installation ease and reduce possible peripheral electrical issues. We are constantly evolving this harness to make it better.

As of 08-04-2021, We will be offering Version 5 of the Hondata/AEM V2/ PNP Harness, which will fully support narrowband control and will start production of PNP harnesses for Link and Ktuner.  Changes include larger ground wire, wire colors switched to red and orange wires.  (orange are the wires that need to be connected to the vehicle)

As of 6/21/2023, We will be offering Version 6 of the Hondata/AEM V2/ Link PNP Harness. Changes include AC plug will be included with the purchase of the Street Race and Road Race version's.  It will come detached to allow for greater ease of installation and battery drain issues have been resolved.

NOTE: Battery Light, Oil Pressure Light, and Water Temp will not function with this k swap harness. You will need our MIM to control those functions. Harnesses are made by hand using OEM connectors and pins, hand fabrication takes 24-48 hours.

Race Version

Pros: Functioning OBDII, turn key with modification to 2 wires

Cons: No A/C provisions, No adapter for O2 sensor 

The most basic version available


Pros: Functioning OBDII, turn key with modification to 2 wires, adapter for O2 sensor 

Cons: No A/C provisions

Street Race

Pros: Functioning OBDII, turn key with modification to 2 wires, A/C Provisions, adapter for O2 sensor.

Cons: None

Road Race

Pros: Functioning OBDII, turn key with modification to 3 wires, A/C provisions

Cons: No adapter for emissions.

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