Wiring Adapter Harness and A/C Package Deal

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As always we understand this swap can get particularly expensive. We have created a package deal that will help save you $$$. When you purchase all 3 components (A/C Module "MIM", A/C Compressor Mount and the Plug 'n' Play Harness) we can give you greater saving's. This package comes with installation instructions for both the MIM module and the Plug 'n' Play harness. The MIM module works with any engine swap in your MR2 Spyder and installs directly behind the driver's seat. The Plug 'n' Play harness requires modification of two wire's. The A/C mount has been designed to allow access to the OEM Toyota compressor with the engine installed. There is no need to remove the engine to perform maintenance or installation/removal.


NOTE:Your MR2 must have a manual transmission harness installed, SMT will require alternate wiring that is not supported at this time

UPGRADE OPTION: This is for customer's who have previously purchased a V1 Plug and Play Harness. You will still be require to send a "Core AC plug"