MAP Kswap Shift Mechanism for Mr2 Spyder (K20A2 and K20Z3 Transmission) Version 2

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Mitch's Auto Parts exclusive, main shifter cable for 2000-2005 Toyota MR2 Spyder for the Honda K Swap.  Works for 2002-2005 Acura RSX Type S and 02-05 Honda Civic SI transmission or the 2006-2011 Civis SI Transmission (PNN3) (See note below). This cable has the OEM Toyota shifter bushing on the shifter end and a Honda bushing on the opposite end attaching to the Honda/Acura transmission.  The length has been customized to allow the OEM Acura RSX/Civic SI shifter shaft to work just like it does in Acura/Honda to give you the OEM shifter feel.  MAP increased the thickness of the cable by 25% to increase the strength.  This will NOT work with 1zz and 2zz engines, for 1zz and 2zz transmission cables see here.  Comes with mounting brackets for both cables and hardware.  Kits includes 1 cable and re-uses the OEM passenger cable.

On 06-11 Civic SI transmissions you will re-use the Civic shifter assembly on the transmission, but an additional bracket will need to be welded on.  MAP will weld it for you if you wish to ship us your shifter shaft otherwise you will be required to weld the bracket on. There is no need to buy the Acura K20a2 shift selector assembly. Brackets included to hold the cable are made from Stainless Steel and 6061 Billet Aluminum.

Bracket only option is for Non-MR2 Spyder vehicles.  This will be the metal bracket to move your shift cable to the other side of the transmission similar to the RSX setup.

 Installation guide is located here.