MAP Mounts for MR2 Spyder K20 K24 Kswap Mounts

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Conversion Mount Kit for 2000-2005 Toyota MR2 models with Honda K20 or K24 engines (K Swap)

This kits uses 4 mounts, unlike other brands which modified Acura/Honda mounts to work in your Toyota, we have designed, developed and manufactured our own set of motor mounts for your K swap using the Toyota mounts, and 1 Honda mount.  They are lighter than our competitions mount kit! The steel version weighs in at 11 lbs and the new 6061 Aluminum version weighs in at 4.5 lbs

These work with both K20 and K24 engines If your doing a K24, you will want to add this timing cover mount to your cart.  These mounts were designed around the Toyota mounts, which add a superior design and durability not found with other manufactures. The kit will utilize 4 mounting points instead of 3. In addition is the newly design rear subframe mount and front mount to put an end to subframe damage once and for all. The kit will re-use some of your OE Toyota mounts as well. Comes complete with all the nuts and bolts and Acura/Honda mounts needed to complete the swap.  

Available in Steel or 6061 Billet

The cast aluminum Honda mount included may require some filing of the mounting holes.  This is a production error from our supplier for this mount, this modification does not affect performance.


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