MAP K Swap Front Mount (K24 and K20 swaps)

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We are pleased to offer the first ever front mount for your K20 or K24 swap in your MR2 Spyder.  Due to a common problem of the sub-frame twisting seen with the innovative mount, MAP developed this front mount to put a end to that expensive damaged caused by the missing mount.  Constructed with steel and tested with on track conditions, we have yet to see any sub-frame's twist with this mount added to the kit.  It will require the OEM RSX front transmission mount, (OEM P/N: 50840-S6M-J01) which is available for purchase in a OEM durameter or stiffness aftermarket. This will also require the re-use of the OEM bolts used on the firewall.  These are not included with this order.  They are M10x1.25.  The OEM part number is 90119-10818

This mount will require modification for use with the Innovative OE replacement mount

Note: this will work with both the Civic Si and the RSX transmissions.  


Once sold out it will be discontinued in Steel